Posted 4 months ago
On Friday and Saturday night we close the night with Petit Four, which simply means "small oven” and is a small bite-sized pastry. The reasoning behind this name is pretty neat. In 19th century France, there were no gas ovens, only breadmaker’s ovens. These types of ovens took a long time to get going, became really hot for some time, and then took a long time to die. Bakers used the ovens during the cooling process, taking advantage of their stored heat, for baking pastry. This was called baking à petit four, a lower temperature which allowed pastry baking. Pictured here is our house made honey, almond, and pistachio nougat petit four. #nougat #petitfours #smalloven #historylesson #frenchcountrycooking #finedining #guelphdowntown
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