Posted about 1 year ago
All the wines we have selected for our wine list at Artisanale are produced through organic and/or biodynamic farming practices. One of the local wines we feature on our menu is from @tawsewinery 🍇They sum up these two terms perfectly "Organic farming feeds the vines and controls diseases without the use of synthetic insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers. Biodynamic farming is an approach that sees the vineyard as its own self-sustaining ecological entity and aims to work with the energies that create and maintain life. In the vineyard, this means treating the soil as a living organism and working to bring the grapevine and the soil in balance. Biodynamic farming uses the earth’s natural cycles and natural preparations to increase microbial life and nutrients in the soil and to produce balance between the soil and the vines." You can read more about their farming practices on their website. Go check out this winery if you haven't already, or come in for a glass or bottle with your dinner tonight! #sustainablefarming #organicwines #biodynamicwines #tawsewinery #datenight #wineanddine #guelphontario
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