About the Food

Meaningful Ingredients for Beautiful Food

Celebrating Ingredients & Their Producers

    Our food is prepared in a simple style that celebrates the beauty and flavour of the best ingredients we can find. Everything we serve is made fresh, in-house: from stocks and sauces to ice cream and pastries, and everything in between. It is the time-honoured, artisanal, slow food techniques of paysannes, country cooks and grand-meres that we embrace in our kitchen. And we will never settle for anything less than the taste of nefis: of hands, heart and soul in our food.

From May to November, our menu changes in harmony with the Ontario season, based on our farmers' harvests. During the winter when fresh, local produce is scarce in Ontario, we serve a variety of root and storage vegetables, and hardy greens, along with our beautiful preserves. Our meat comes from naturally raised and pastured animals, we take care to only serve seafood from sustainable sources and we use as many organic ingredients as we can, including most of our fruits and vegetables, milk, butter and chocolate.

Every ingredient we use has a story, a farm or a person behind it. Artisanale is honoured to work with such skilled and passionate, local and sustainable, farmers, harvesters and artisans.

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