Old Fashioned Apple Menu

As the last of the leaves fall and we start to feel the winter winds, we want to celebrate the end of season with an Old Fashioned Apple Menu. The menu will feature several heritage varieties of apples, that we picked from big old trees growing around the our farmhouse. *Available along side our A la Carte menu

November 13th - 16th ~ 4 Courses


Old Fashioned Apple Menu 

Chicken Liver Mousse
Charred Radicchio & Brussel Sprouts(v)
both with Rhode Island Greening apple sauce

Celeriac Waldorf Salad(v)
with St Lawrence apples

Buckwheat Galette with Spinach & Mushrooms(v)
with maple wild apple sauce
Roasted Pork with Sunchokes
with Russet apples 

St Lawrence Old Fashioned Apple Cake(v)


Cider Paring available

(v) - vegetarian option

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