Summer Grill Tapas Menu

Summer Grill Tapas Menu

Summer Grill Tapas Menu

Cooking with wood fire is an ancient technique.

Delicious menu cooked simply over a wood fired grill.

August 21st -31st



Octopus 7

Chorizo 5

Liver Crostini 5

Corn Lime & Feta 4

Shishito Pepper 4

Eggplant Caviar 4



Summer Russian Salad 13

Tomato Salad 13

Salade Verte 10

Chanterelle 15 for 1/4lb. & 26 for 1/2lb.

Charred French Beans with Vegi Pate 18

Grilled Radicchio, Sunchokes with Hazelnut and Ricotta 16

Socca Pizza (gluten free) with Goat cheese and Olives 12

Potato with Green Onion Butter 8

Frites with Aioli 6


Grilled Meats

Whitefish with Chermoula 26

Cornish Hen with Aioli 26

Pork Chop with Salsa Verde 26

Hanger Steak with Onions 30



Fresh Cherries Sundae 8

White Peach 8

Lemon Tart 8


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