Asparagus Spring Dinner & Spargelfest

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Jun 06 Jun 08
5:00pm 9:00pm EDT


White Asparagus Dinner with Boiled Potato, Speck & Hollandaise 
1/2 lb. $28 
1lb. $38

*Vegetarian alternatives available

Asparagus Spring Menu

Our Organic Asparagus 5 course Dinner Menu symbolizes the beginning of our Ontario Spring. ~ Ramps, spring garlic, morels, mousserons, sweet sunchokes, asparagus & rhubarb ~ All the asparagus has been sourced locally from Whole Circle Farm and Blackshire Gardens.

Asparagus Eclair with Ramps 

Asparagus with Steelhead Trout 

Asparagus Ravioli with Morel Sauce 

White Asparagus with Mushroom Bourguignon 
White Asparagus with Lobster (add $20) 
White Asparagus with Pork Steak 

Candied Asparagus Ice Cream with Rhubarb

55 / person

*Vegetarian alternatives available

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