Restaurant For Sale

Asking price $145,000 Canadian

Located in beautiful Guelph, Ontario.

Fully equipped with all leasehold improvements.

With 50 Seat Liquor License

Move in as early as October, 2022

For Inquiries

Email us at

Call us at (519) 835-1331

Entrance to Stone House

First Dining Room 

Second Dining Room


Full Bar

First Bathroom

Second Bathroom (Accessible with Baby Changing Area)

Espresso Station

Fully Equipped Kitchen

- Two wide windows.

- Air conditioned

- Pitco fryer

- Flat top & 4 burner Garland range stove

- French top heavy duty US range stove

- Kebob grill with fan & fancy stones

- Line fridge 8 ft with separate compressor

- TRUE short freezer

- TRUE short fridge

- Two 8 ft good back to back



- Walk in fridge

- Five 5 ft. chest freezers

- Several shelving units

- Baking station

For Inquiries

Email us at

Call us at (519) 835-1331

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