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Join us throughout the winter to try a variety of Chef Specials that feature bio-dynamic Tamworth pork and the place of le cochon in French cuisine.

The pig is a central part of French agriculture and cuisine. Through out centuries pigs have been an integral part of farm ecosystems: hardy and hard working animals eating a variety of scraps, routing pastures, and turning over soil. The French relied on these animals for survival, preserving the pork so that it lasts through the winter months. French charcuterie uses every part of the pig: cured jambon, dried saucisson, terrines, pat├ęs, head cheese and boudin noir. Every part of the animal has a purpose and nothing is wasted.

We only serve pastured pork from local, small farms, most often from Thatcher Farms, Rowe Farms and Whole Circle Farm and charcuterie from Les Couchon Tout Ronds.

tamworth pig

This past fall Johann, from Whole Circle Farm (who beautifully describes his biodynamic efforts that encourage and allow the "pigness" of his pigs) brought us a full side of one of his Tamworth pigs.

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