Valentine's Tapas for Two

Artisanale French Country Cooking
Feb 11, 2016 at 05:06 PM -Feb 14, 2016 11:06 PM

Share a sumptuous meal with the one you love this Valentine's. 

Tapas for Two Menu

Designed for two to share



(Choose 3 of the following)

Endive confit with walnut blue & goat cheese

4 oysters with seaweed and avocado

Marinated summer sweet red peppers

Charred brussel sprouts with vegi-paté & organic sprouts

Rosti with salmon roe, frisee & crème fraîche

Lobster with apple remoulade salad


❤ Sweet chestnut cream soup 


(Choose 3 of the following)

Crêpe mushrooms truffle cream

Quail & foie gras sweet onions on brioche

Seabass with sea urchin sauce

Rabbit paella with fideo noodles

Boeuf fondant au gratin Dauphonois (scalloped potatoes)


Choose 2 of the following

Pot au Chocolat

Strawberry & rhubarb ice cream with lavender shortbread

Apple Charlotte Cake with summer apricot compote

$75 / person

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