Biodynamic Winemakers Dinner

Artisanale French Country Cooking
Jun 21, 2017 at 06:30 PM -Jun 21, 2017 11:02 PM

With guest, Ann Sperling of Southbrook. 

In memory of Anne-Claude Leflaive

Ann Sperling is a passionate leader in Canada for organic and biodynamic fine winemaking. Anne-Claude Leflaive, who passed away 2015, was also a charismatic pioneer and advocate for biodynamic wine, in her home region of Burgundy and around the world.

Both women would more likely call themselves a 'Winegrower' than a 'winemaker', both embracing a passionate and hands on focus on the health of the land, the quality of the vineyard and gentle handling in the winery.

Ann Sperling will share her philosophy and approach, as well as remember the legacy of Anne-Claude Leflaive as we enjoy a selection of Biodynamic and Organic wines of Southbrook. In addition, Michael Barnstijn will generously share with us a Leflaive white and a Clau du Nell Cuveé Violette from his cellars!



A five-course dinner celebrating biodynamic vineyards,
fine wines and the women winegrowers who have lead the way.

Southbrook Estate Cabernet Rosé 2016


Sperling Estate Blanc de blanc Okanagan Valley 2013


Scallops au vin blanc
Pugligny-Montrachet Folatieres, Domaine Leflaive 2006


Coq au Vin
Gigot Boulangere
Clau de Nell Cuvée Violette 2011 (a glass of 2oz.)
Laundry Vineyard Pinot noir Southbrook 2015


Cheese course
Southbrook Poetica Chardonnay 2013


Southbrook Vidal Icewine 2014

100 / person (Includes wines)


Biodynamic Wine

Southbrook Vineyards in Niagara-on-the-Lake was Canada’s first winery to be 

Sheep in Southbrook's vineyard

certified biodynamic.

Anne Sperling describes Biodynamic farming as "a form of organic agriculture that respects all of the same chemical and synthetic prohibitions but also uses a set of very specific composts, recognizes the influence and energy of the planets and lunar cycles, encourages biodiversity and requires animals to be raised alongside our vines.”(From the Toronto Star)

Learn more about what biodynamics means for Southbrook.

Horses used in Leflaive's vineyards

Domaine Leflaive’s holdings represent some of the most precious terroirs in the world. But when Anne-Claude took over her vineyards, Burgundy, like most wine regions after World War II, had become dependent on chemical herbicides, fungicides and pesticides.

When she took over in 1990, Ms. Leflaive immediately began testing both organic farming and biodynamic viticulture, a more intensive system that takes a sort of holistic, homeopathic approach. Over time, she determined that the best wines came from the biodynamically farmed grapes. By 1997, the entire estate was farmed biodynamically and she had become one of the method’s staunchest proponents.(from the NY Times)

Check out the photo galleries of the Leflaive Estate and Clau du Nell.